Pub and Restaurant Wedding Venues Tyne and Wear

All the statistics show that many more people in the UK are choosing to get married in pubs or restaurants. And there are so many reasons why. First, laid-back couples find pubs or restaurants to be the ideal wedding venue because they offer a lot of character without stuffiness. Second, catering is so straightforward if you’re hiring a venue which spends its whole time catering and whose menu you already really enjoy. Third, pubs or restaurant wedding venues are also used to offering a high level of service which makes catering to a wedding party a doddle.

But there are other less obvious reasons that people get married in pubs or restaurants – there’s something about the great British institutions that makes them particularly well-suited to a happy wedding party. They are warm and friendly and offer a chance to relax and kick back once the formal ceremony is over, making them the perfect location in which to go from vows to toasts.


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