Weddings and Honeymoons Overseas

Having your wedding overseas

Weddings Overseas are a popular idea, although recently COVID changed many couples plans. If you do decide to get married abroad, the easiest way of making sure that this runs smoothly is to hire an Overseas Wedding Arranger. They will ensure that the stress is taken out of planning your perfect day. Help is on hand for the venue, accommodation for your guests, travel arrangements and anything you need. They can work with you to organise your dream wedding.

Honeymoon Ideas

Traditionally honeymoons are holidays taken by newly married couples to celebrate their union. The tradition of honeymoons began, in the West, in the early 19th century and involved well-off couples heading off to visit far-flung relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. This trend spread rapidly and is now big business. Today honeymoons are a much more varied activity – some people still choose to save up and head to a luxurious far-flung destination (but not to visit relatives) or to take a cruise or even tack honeymoons onto destination weddings.

Others choose active honeymoons such as skiing, diving and climbing, and others still choose honeyteering, which is taking a break that benefits others, like marine conservation work, improving computer literacy in rural communities and helping clear litter from tourist routes on mountains. Whatever people chose, their honeymoons are generally designed to be romantic and highly memorable experiences.

Honeymoon destination range from the traditional favourites such as the Maldives, Thailand or Caribbean where luxury accommodation and glorious beaches are guaranteed. Another Honeymoon destination favourite is Africa where a once in a lifetime Safari can be combined with a perfect beach stay. Whilst there are many Honeymoon destinations that immediately spring to mind, ultimately it will be the interests of the couple themselves and the budget available which will determine where is chosen. Current travel restrictions have also meant that many couples are now finding their dream Honeymoon destination much closer to home. After all any destination is the ‘perfect’ destination as long as you are with the one you love.

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