Great Ideas for your Something Blue

Here you can find some great ideas for your Something Blue. When you look at the four wedding traditions of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ then the last one is often seen as the trickiest. Nothing wrong with blue but most brides don’t want to use it as a main colour in their wedding dress. The good news is that there are lots of small ways to incorporate that something blue without interfering with your overall theme.

Wearing blue

Another old tradition was the saying ‘marry in blue, always be true’ and while blue wedding dresses of all shades are still chosen, whites, creams and neutral shades tend to be the most popular. Brides who choose to opt for a ball gown style dress can look at blue shades, with navy in particular being very striking. However, if a blue dress isn’t what you prefer, then there are lots of other ways to incorporate a little blue in your outfit.

For starters, a few pale blue crystals in a headdress or on the edge of a veil is a subtle way of including some blue. Embroidery is another option along with other types of beads such as tiny seed beads. These all add to the individuality of your look and a very pale blue shade adds a natural dimension to white.

If you don’t want the blue to show, you could always have something embroidered on the inside of the dress or on the lining. The wedding date is one idea, as is the initials of the couple, perhaps just a pretty little motif such as a flower from your bouquet. You will know it is there but it is out of sight if blue isn’t featuring in your theme.

Blue accessories

One of the traditional ways to bring ‘something blue’ to the outfit was with a garter, something that more daring brides flash for the photos! But if you don’t like wearing a garter, then blue underwear is a simple solution – out of sight and fulfilling the tradition. You could even go for an old, super-comfortable pair of blue undies and fulfil the ‘something old’ at the same time!

Another option is to add a small blue silk rose somewhere on your dress. Whether this is added to your underwear, stitching into the dress or even added to the veil, it is discreet and pretty. Alternatively, blue rhinestones can be added to shoes for a touch of blue. They will be almost completely hidden during the ceremony and you can flash them for the first dance to bring a little sparkle to proceedings.

If blue has a place in your theme in a small way, then adding blue flowers works well. Popular ones include delphiniums, hydrangea, cornflowers, grape hyacinth and forget me nots. There are even dyed flowers such as roses or carnations that come in vibrant blue shades. Or if blue doesn’t feature, use a blue ribbon to tie the bouquet as it will be out of sight until you throw the flowers, if you are following that tradition.