Bridesmaid Gift Charm Bracelet

Bridesmaids Gifts

Perfect gifts for your small bridesmaids  There’s nothing more charming that tiny bridesmaids or little flower girls gracing your wedding, and it’s a lovely way… read more »

Heart Shaped biscuit cutter

Hand-crafted wedding ideas

The rise of shabby chic and vintage weddings has created a surge of interest in hand-crafted wedding details and it’s a trend that offers endless… read more »

Mayfield Lavender Farm

Getting married in Surrey

Wedding planning is a big deal, and right now, planning often feels like all that a bride and groom can do! While current restrictions can… read more »

Wedding Scent, Coco Chanel

Choosing the perfect wedding scent

The Wedding Directory guide to choosing the perfect wedding scent Why choose a wedding scent? It isn’t always the first thing on a bride’s mind,… read more »

Isle of Skye

Scotland – for weddings and honeymoons

There’s something special about holding your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon in the same place, especially when the place is Scotland. One of the reasons… read more »

Popular Wedding Poems Feature

Popular Wedding Poems

The wedding poem is not a modern thing. In the classical Roman world an epithalamium was a poem specially commissioned to be read to the… read more »

Bridesmaids holding bouquets

Bridesmaid’s duties – the obvious, and some you may never have thought of!

Bridesmaid’s duties… you’ll be surprised at some of these! It can sometimes seem that being a bridesmaid is becoming a vocation, but the history of… read more »

Wedding Personality Quiz

What’s your wedding personality?

Wedding Quiz! It’s funny how sometimes we develop an idea of what our future should look like, and cling to it long after we’ve let… read more »

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