New Year’s Resolutions for your wedding

If 2019 is the year you’re getting married, congratulations! In the spirit of the New Year, we’d like to offer you a few New Year wedding resolutions that may help may the whole year one long, enjoyable process rather than a slow build up of stress and worry.


1 – remember who you’re marrying

It sounds bonkers, doesn’t it? But for brides in particular, wedding planning can be overwhelming. It’s possible to lose sight of your partner in all the decisions you need to make, and that can create distance between you that can be harder and harder to bridge. One way to keep love at the heart of your wedding plans is to have time together every week, where you do not talk about the wedding, but instead have some lighthearted fun and remind yourselves what’s really important – your relationship.


2 – don’t procrastinate

There are two main reasons for procrastination –

1. desire for perfection

2. opinion gathering.

If you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for something better, set yourself a deadline – make it public by sharing it with at least one other person – and commit to making your decision by that date. If you’re an opinion-gatherer, start by making a list of those who should be consulted for every decision. Make sure you’re not asking more than four people which ensures that every decision can be achieved by majority (four plus you equals five so that any vote should end up with at least three in favour of something!)


The real problem with procrastination is that it can leave you with worse choices: the most popular venues, the best caterers, the finest stylists and the most accomplished photographers always get booked up early, so procrastinators often lose out.


  1. Budget wisely

Many couples are having to look at where they can save money, but clever budgeting is a must. For example, ordering a smaller wedding cake may be smarter than choosing a cheaper bakery, and doing without accessories like chair sashes and live musicians may be a better option than choosing a cheaper venue. Finding the balance between what you want, and what you can afford, is often better achieved by streamlining than by accepting second best.


  1. Don’t feel guilty

On a similar note, resolve to please yourself. Whether that means an adults-only wedding, a white chocolate fountain, or getting married in a theme park, this is your day. As long as your husband- or wife-to-be agrees, you should go ahead with what makes you happy.


  1. Don’t broadcast

Of course your wedding is important. But it’s not the only thing. Occasional social media updates on how things are going are fine but blow-by-blow, day-by-day accounts of every decision don’t just turn off those of your friends who aren’t wedding minded, they stop you engaging with everybody else’s news, which can make you … a bit of a bore. Try to stay in touch with what’s happening for your friends, because when the wedding is over it’s easier to pick up the threads of your friendship again.


  1. Enjoy!

You’ve put in all the hard work and your wedding is a stupendous success – so make sure you enjoy it. A wedding day coordinator can be hired, or you can put a trusted friend or relative in charge of events on the day so you can relax, spend time with your partner, and actually enjoy the wonderful arrangements you’ve put in place.