Pass this to your Groom, even if money is tight he can still spoil you!

How to have a stylish wedding on a budget.

Just because money’s tight, it doesn’t mean he can’t spoil you. He simply needs to be a bit more inventive. Pass these great ideas to your H2b.

Classic car
Ask all your friends and there’s sure to be someone whose father owns a beautiful classic car. It would be very churlish indeed of him not to lend it to you for the short journey between wedding venue and reception. With any luck he’ll even let you off the cost of the petrol.

And if no one’s dad has a classic car, what about a cheap vehicle with lots of character? An old Citroen 2CV, maybe. Or a classic Mini. Or a cycle rickshaw?

Dance lessons

The first dance is one of those wedding traditions that often gets lost in the chaos following the cake-cutting, the speeches, the toasts and the general rush for the loos. One way to make it really stand out is to rehearse a special dance beforehand. Organise some lessons in waltz, foxtrot, tango, disco or street dance (whatever your penchant) in advance of the wedding. And then strut your stuff confidently on the dance floor.

Airport lounge

If you’re flying long-haul to your honeymoon, an upgrade to first class is going to be eye-wateringly expensive. But it won’t break the bank to book both of you into the executive lounge at the airport. Arrive early and avail yourself of the free food and drink.

Get your suit tailored

Your bride has no doubt spent thousands on her wedding outfit. Shouldn’t you look the bee’s knees, too? Having a suit tailored isn’t as expensive as you’d think, provided you don’t have your sights set on the likes of Paul Smith. For £350 or so, you can get a wedding suit custom-made. Admittedly, the tailor won’t be a household name.

Buy her sexy underwear

Start off your married love life in style by buying your wife some designer underwear. It’s sure to inject a bit of excitement into your honeymoon. And while you’re at it, why not buy yourself some new boxers?

Cheap photography

You can always save yourself a few hundred ponds by asking a creative friend rather than a professional to take the wedding photos. Meanwhile, all the guests are sure to record just about every moment on their mobile phones. A good way to collect all the guest photos is to set up an online file-hosting service. Dropbox is the one many pros use but there are plenty of others including Google Drive and Apple iCloud.

Visitors’ book

It costs just a few quid. Place a visitors’ book by the front door of the reception venue and you’ll be admiring the messages for years to come.

Announcement in the newspaper

It’s an old tradition that’s gradually being lost, but it’s an old tradition that your wife and both families will love: a wedding announcement in one of the national newspapers. It’s considered better form to opt for the broadsheets rather than the tabloids.

Get your chest waxed

It goes without saying that you’ll be well coiffed and trimmed for your wedding day. If you happen to be particularly hirsute, however, and hairy of chest, it’s a great idea to get said chest waxed. Come honeymoon night, your wife will then enjoy her little surprise. And if it turns out she prefers you hairy, you can always grow it back in a few weeks.

Pay for spa package

Brides tend to get more stressed than grooms, especially in the final few days leading up to the wedding. One way to keep your intended stress-free is to send her (and you) on a spa day.

Buffet meal

Who says you have to have a sit-down silver service meal at your reception? There’s nothing wrong with serving just canapés. Some caterers offer larger nibbles that will fill your guests up and (hopefully) soak up some of the champagne.

Free place settings

Next time you’re at a stony beach, grab a huge bagful of lovely smooth pebbles. Now all you need is an indelible marker and you can create all the place settings for free.

Get married on a weekday

You can save up to 50 per cent on the venue hire if you get married on a weekday rather than a Saturday. Okay, so your guest list might get depleted somewhat. But then you’re looking at a cheaper catering bill, too.

Send invitations by email

Gloriously printed invitations on embossed card look great on the mantelpiece. But are they really necessary? You can be far more adventurous (and ensure more efficient RSVPing) with an e-card.

Buy the booze in France

In the run-up to the wedding, take your wife on a quick trip to Calais where you can sample and stock up on all the wedding booze. The money you save in duty will pay for your crossing.