Wedding Cakes, Traditional, Cupcakes or Chocolate – what is your favourite?

When it comes to Wedding Cake Ideas there are many options to choose from.

Wedding cakes have always been an important and traditional part of a couple’s wedding day. Originally, cakes signified the bride and groom’s status in society – the higher the cake the higher their hierarchy – and the cutting of the cake was always a monumental part of the reception.

However, like many other aspects of weddings, the traditions of the wedding cake have drifted somewhat. From the iconic traditional fruit cake to cakes of all different shapes, flavours, colours, styles and sizes, the options are now endless.

Here are our favourite types of wedding cake.

Fruit cake

Traditionally, a wedding cake is made up of tiered dense fruit cake doused in marzipan and royal icing. The sturdy marzipan allows for elaborate, intricate and ornate iced decoration and also enables it to last for a long time after the wedding. It is tradition for the bride and groom to keep the top tier of their wedding cake to be eaten at their first baby’s christening or on their first anniversary.

Sponge cake

Nowadays, lots of couples are opting for a more versatile, sponge wedding cake with softer fondant icing. These cakes don’t have as long a life as fruit cakes. However, they do offer the option to have a different flavour of cake on each tier and are a lot more budget friendly.


If you’re a chocolate lover, a chocolate wedding cake is the perfect alternative to a traditional cake. As well as a chocolate sponge, you can embellish your cake in lashings of shiny chocolate ganache, Belgian chocolate swirls or even your favourite chocolate bar to give it a unique, contemporary twist.

Novelty cake

It’s becoming increasingly popular to have a humorous, novelty wedding cake. Whether it depicts a couple’s hobbies, home or favourite sports team, these cakes are sure to be a one of a kind. Funny, light-hearted cake toppers representing the bride and groom are also a great way to give your guests a laugh.

Cheese cake

If you’re not a big fan of sweet cake – fear not – tiered barrels of different cheeses are a fab alternative. A hard cheddar at the bottom, pungent blue in the centre and soft brie on top is sure to be popular with your guests and can double up as an after-dessert cheese board.


Over the years, cupcakes have become extremely popular in the wedding cake world. They’re a brilliant choice if you want to save some pennies and make them yourself at home and are easy to decorate and distribute amongst your guests. Luscious buttercream is a safe and delicious topping and, if you still want to stick to the cutting of the cake tradition, you can have one tier of normal cake made in addition to the cupcakes.

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