All-inclusive Wedding packages, Such a great idea!

All-inclusive wedding packages are when your chosen wedding venue tailor a package, which includes everything you need to create your perfect wedding day. From food and drink to the finer details such as, favours, flowers and your drinks reception, an all-inclusive package ensures minimal stress for each couple at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Here are our top reasons why choosing an all-inclusive wedding package is a great idea.

One stop shop

Most wedding venues have their own recommended suppliers. Thus, saving you the overwhelming stress of sifting through hundreds of suppliers trying to decide, which ones are right for you.

When booking an all-inclusive package, each supplier is under one roof and are trusted by your venue meaning, they will know the ins and outs of the venue like the back of their hand.

One price

When you opt for an all-inclusive wedding package, you will pay one lump sum that will include everything you need to consider for your big day. You will not need to worry about hidden costs such as, taxes, delivery fees, setup fees, labour, travel fees and tips as they will all be considered when pricing up your package.

Therefore, this makes budgeting a lot easier for couples as they don’t have to worry about paying loads of separate outgoings to different people.

Great deal

Alongside the benefit of one overall cost, all-inclusive packages also offer couples a great deal.

As everything is organised through one wedding venue, you are likely to pay less than if you were to book everything separately.

Easy payment plan

Once a price has been agreed, couples will then be able to discuss a payment plan.

When you only have one big bulk payment to be paid to your wedding venue, it’s a lot easier to discuss with them and negotiate an easy payment plan, which suits both yourselves and the venue.

Time saver

Not only will booking an all-inclusive wedding save you some pennies (which can then be put towards a lavish honeymoon!) but, it’ll also save you a lot of time.

Everyone has a busy life so, adding wedding planning to your schedule is bound to be a considerable added stress. With an all-inclusive package you won’t need to spend months and months scouring magazines, websites and shops trying to arrange every aspect of the day as your venue will do all this hard work for you. You then just have to decide what suits your wedding vision best.

Easy communication

Another great reason to choose an all-inclusive wedding package is easy communication. Your wedding planner will have a full understanding of how you want your wedding day to look and feel, which they will then ensure your chosen suppliers also understand.

As well as this, if you want to change anything regarding your big day, your venue will act as a middle man with your suppliers meaning, you don’t have to call multiple different people at a time.