Bridesmaids Gifts

Perfect gifts for your small bridesmaids

 There’s nothing more charming that tiny bridesmaids or little flower girls gracing your wedding, and it’s a lovely way to involve children in your special day, but it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for such little people. Never fear! The Wedding Directory has pulled together a shortlist of ideal keepsakes for small bridesmaids that allow you to gift with confidence:


Charm bracelet

 Giving a gift that can continue to grow and develop is very special, not to mention that if you give a young relative a charm bracelet you can absolutely relax about all future gift giving because you can always add something to the bracelet. You can choose from the traditional chain-link bracelet to more modern bracelets you ‘design’ yourself with beads and other elements. Starting the bracelet off with a charm that reflects your wedding is a lovely way to mark a little girl’s role in your life and as you can choose a different charm for each bridesmaid, this is a gift that can’t cause hard feelings – everybody gets the same thing, but everybody also gets something unique and personal.


Personalised gifts

So we’re not talking about something naff here, but some of the really lovely bridesmaids gifts that can be found online. Hand-painted mugs, personalised drink bottles, tote bags and satchels with a little girl’s initials on them, any of these make a perfect wedding gift and are both useful and attractive.


Snow globes

There’s a world of snow globes that make perfect gifts if you’re a bride looking for gifts for young bridesmaids. Forget the classic plastic snow-globe with a white snow: today you can find snow globes with rabbits, cities, rockets, dolphins and just about anything else you can think of. They have rainbow glitter, gold flakes, bubbles … you can even get cherry blossom snow globes that sprinkle petals.


Personalised soft toy

In a similar line to the personalised gifts above, but for really young bridesmaids and flower girls, a personalised soft toy can be the ideal bridesmaid gift. While it may not work for older bridesmaids, a little girl can often find a toy to be the most acceptable gift because it’s not overwhelming and it immediately gives her something to cuddle and play with on what might be an otherwise overwhelming day.


Seeds, pots and tools

For some brides and grooms, it’s vital that their gifts have a strong ethical basis. At The Wedding Directory, we think that giving a little bridesmaid a gift of seeds, pots and child-sized tools is the perfect ethical wedding gift – it allows a child to start growing a garden of their own, and is a gift that lasts long beyond the wedding day. You can even find wildflower ‘bombs’ or mats to ensure that your gift benefits the local environment and gives your younger bridesmaid a chance to experience the local insects that are drawn to her new garden.