Summer Wedding Ideas

Great ideas and finishing touches for a Summer Wedding

What could be nicer than a summer wedding? Well while few things can be better than a summer wedding celebration, here at the Wedding Directory we have a few ideas and finishing touches for you to add to your wedding plans to make your day truly outstanding.



Whether you’re planning a civil ceremony in a country garden, or getting hitched on the terrace of a stately home, summer weddings are a fantastic opportunity to play some outdoors games. This is idea if you’re having an early wedding and can expect long hours of daylight in which to enjoy yourselves. Fun finishing touches of this kind include:

Croquet – ideal for big weddings and posh wedding receptions, croquet is sedate enough a game to allow even the most dressed up guest to play along, whilst being competitive enough to become a real nail-biter of a tournament.

Giant Jenga – while this is a fun outdoor game in its own right, we’ve seen this used as the best guestbook ever! Simply give all your guests a wooden Jenga brick and a permanent marker and ask them to write a message for the bride and groom. Then, during the reception, stack up the bricks and get bride and groom to play the first game, reading out each greeting as they remove it from the tower. Guaranteed to be both tear-jerking and hilarious, this is a truly wonderful memento of a summer wedding that can be used on summer holidays for decades to come.

Races – whether you opt for the classic egg and spoon race, straight out sprints or straw bale hurdling, a series of fun races will always be memorable. Children will love them (and keep going long after the adults have given up) and it’s a silly but funny way for people to relax and get to know each other. Have some wedding related prizes for each race and you’ll find that you’ve created a memorable experience for competitors and watchers alike.


Paddling pools with towels as wedding favours

This really is a fun idea. Give your guests one of those compressed towels as a wedding favour and then let them paddle in your grown up paddling pools which can be filled with ordinary water or water topped with bubbles or ball pit balls to create a truly special experience.


Champagne sorbet rather than champagne as a first drink

Supplying your guests with a delicious little cup of champagne sorbet rather than a classic champagne flute says ‘summer wedding’ as almost nothing else can. Allow them to top their sorbet with some yummy toppings like coulis, chopped nuts, grated chocolate and fresh fruit and then everybody gets to say ‘cheers’ before digging in!


Sunglass, fans  and hat box

A picnic hamper filled with charity shop sunglasses, paper fans and sunhat will be a welcome addition to your outdoor wedding, as well as providing amazing props for your wedding photo booth!


Ice cream station

It’s a classic for a reason – everybody loves ice-cream and being able to enjoy your own bespoke ice-cream with sprinkles, sauces and other delicious toppings is a fab way to make a summer wedding super sweet. Picture courtesy of

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