Wedding Flowers and their traditional meaning

Choosing your wedding flowers is a very tricky task. Not only do you want them to look drop dead gorgeous in your wedding ceremony and reception venues but, you also want them to compliment yourself and your bridesmaids and smell divine, all without breaking the bank.

Despite what your hubby-to-be may think, flowers can transform and make a wedding venue into your own, meaning, they are more than worth the investment. From traditional red roses and cute peonies to the slightly more obscure calla lilies, here is our guide to choosing, which flowers to go for on your big day as well as, the traditional meaning for each one.


Roses epitomise ‘love, joy and beauty’. They are given as gifts to other halves on Valentine’s Day, have been subject to many myths and fairytales and are even used in the hit show ‘The Bachelor’ to symbolise commitment.

With their elegant, uniformed silk-soft petals and a multiple choice of colours including red, white and pink, it is easy to see why roses are a solid and affordable choice for a wedding bouquet.

Calla Lilies

This slightly more unique, tropical trumpet shaped flower is perfect for tall flower arrangements and bouquets and is most easily found in Spring and Summer. Signifying ‘magnificent beauty’, it is the perfect flower to accompany a magnificently beautiful bride. Available in ivory, yellow, orange and even dark purple, the Calla Lily can fit in with most wedding colour schemes although, they do come at a rather steep price.

Why not accompany them with a beautiful bunch of fragile, bell-shaped Lilies of the Valley.


Peonies are adorable, delicate and strong perfumed flowers, which come in bright, showy colours. Despite this flowers bold appearance, in the flower world, it holds the meaning of ‘bashfullness’. A stunning flower to include in any wedding flower arrangement, peonies are in season from late Spring to early Summer and work well on their own or, amongst other, more cost effective flowers (if you’re on a tight budget).

Sweet Peas

If the name of this cute flower hasn’t sold you then perhaps its myriad of intense colour options and candy-like smell might. Sweet Peas symbolise ‘lasting pleasure’ and if you want to begin marriage life with anything, we think pleasure is a pretty good place to start…

A dainty bloom perfect for the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets or, hair arrangements, Sweet Peas are versatile and moderately priced.


These big bushy flowers, which represent ‘understanding’ are perfect for filling out wedding bouquets and arrangements and come in an array of colours including white and shades of blue, green, pink and burgundy. Although Hydrangeas are scentless, their fluffy petals and vibrant colours are bound to make a statement all on their own.


Tulips are a very versatile wedding flower and come in a large number of colours. From traditional whites, creams and reds to striking pastel pinks, peaches and yellows, they are the perfect flower for arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres.

Along with their fabulous array of colour choices, this fragile bloom empitomises ‘love’ and ‘passion’, making it a great choice for a wedding.