What’s your wedding personality?

Wedding Quiz!

It’s funny how sometimes we develop an idea of what our future should look like, and cling to it long after we’ve let go of other dreams. Our wedding is perhaps the most likely place that we become focused on a vision of how things should be, without really looking at who we’ve become, who our partner is, and what would really fit in with our lives, families and future. With that in mind, we have devised a light-hearted quiz that may still reveal some surprises. By exploring your personality, we can help you look at what kind of wedding day really fits with your personal style.


Where would your dream reception take place?

A. A museum after dark

B. On the beach, in a park, at a local funfair

C. Country house

D. A hidden architectural gem like a rooftop garden, a wine cellar or a windmill.


2. What music would be right for your first dance?

A. A guitarist playing live acoustic melodies

B. Happy by Pharrell Williams

C. A waltz

D. Halo by Beyonce.


3. What’s your decorating style?

A. Contemporary and minimal

B. Beach, shabby chic, relaxed

C. Tasteful, classic, timeless

D. Quirky and carefully curated.


4. What’s the most important item on your bucket list?

A. Writing a book/making a film

B. Visiting your relatives on the other side of the world

C. Getting married!

D. Cherry blossom season in Kyoto.


5. What are you not willing to spend money on for your wedding?

A. An expensive dress you’ll never wear again

B. Uber-posh wedding stationery

C. Destination travel

D. Lots of planning, organising and coordinating.


6. When you and your other half argue – how do you deal with your emotions?

A. Journal your feelings in private until you’re able to see with better perspective

B. Ring your mum, your best friend and your big sister and let it all out

C. Go for a long walk with the dog and tell him/her all your troubles

D. Visualise being on a gorgeous beach, paddling in the warm water until you regain your balance.


Add up your scores and find the answer below.



Mainly A

You’re a natural minimalist which means you’re more able to manage your emotions than many around you and able to step back and look at the bigger picture. You have a clear sense of what does and doesn’t work for you and you’re rarely in doubt when it comes to matters of style. A chic wedding with simple, stylish details will be  just right for you.


Mainly B

Your personality is all about family and loved ones. You’re big-hearted and sociable and like nothing better than getting together with friends to have fun. While you can easily be swayed by those you love most, you have an innate ability to get people together for big occasions – and what could be bigger than your huge, happy, family wedding?


Mainly C

You have a naturally classic approach to life, loving nothing better than old movies, street parties, stately homes and – of course – white weddings! Innovation and experimentation are not necessarily your favourite things, so when it comes to your wedding, you’re be delighted with a time-honoured approach, from a church ceremony through to a traditional wedding breakfast and some dad dancing at the reception!


Mainly D

You’re a relaxed individual but you don’t give too much away. You have close friends and dear family but you’re not the life and soul of the party. Above all, you seek calm and quiet. This makes you the ideal candidate for a destination wedding which will both fill your soul with beauty and relaxation and fulfil your desire to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.