Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations to Consider in 2022

The most exciting part of planning your wedding remains the choice of the honeymoon destination. There are so many wonderful places all around the world from which you can choose. And it can be a very hard decision because of the large variety of choices. It may take some time, but if you properly check all your options, then you will be able to find the destination that will fit your tastes and preferences the best.

In this article, you will find the top 5 honeymoon destinations that you should check first. Some of them are part of the UK while others are not. So, you need to remember that covid restrictions may apply based on the worldwide situation. But you should not let this affect your choices too much. You can either delay your honeymoon if necessary or you could prepare multiple destinations. You should start checking the options mentioned below and find at least which type of destination is the most attractive.

  1. Buddha Beach House Cornwall

As one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the UK, the Buddha Beach House Cornwall provides all the services that you and your partner will need to relax after the wedding. Keep in mind that although a wedding is an amazing experience, it can also be a very stressful one. So, it can be a good idea to choose a honeymoon that will help you recover and unwind while fully enjoying your honeymoon like this one.

There are several services that you should consider while checking this destination. And one of the most impressive ones is the spa beach house that is located only 30 meters from the water edge. You can also enjoy the hydrotherapy bath, the hot tub, the steam shower, and you can enjoy the visit of a beauty therapist and masseuse. You will find at this location all the services you’ll ever need to relax and take the best possible care of your mind and body while enjoying the honeymoon destination.

Buddah Beach House Cornwall Honeymoons

  1. Cape Verde

This is one of the honeymoon destinations that you can find in the UK. Keep in mind that choosing a overseas destination will mean that you may have to deal with travel restrictions if the covid restrictions are very strict. And this location has many advantages and benefits that you can enjoy. The first thing you must know is the weather conditions. This location provides all the sunshine you will ever need regardless of the season. The more you love the sun, the more you will love this location.

The beach is the main reason for which you may want to choose this destination. Because of the sunshine, you will be able to fully enjoy the beach and all the activities that you will be able to find there. There are also many beachfront hotels that not only provide maximum convenience but incredible views of the ocean as well. All you will have to do here is enjoy the sun and feel like you and your partner are in paradise.


  1. Galapagos Islands

The islands are one of the wild honeymoon destinations. If you love nature, and you want to be as close as possible to it during your honeymoon, then this is one of the best destinations for you. You can either take a cruise or fly in to visit the islands. You can also stay at a resort hotel and ‘live’ as close as possible to all the natural wonders this location provides. Of course, you and your partenr must both love nature and enjoy its beauty.

This location provides many different experiences that will allow you to enjoy the wildlife and all the natural beauty of the place. You will be able to dive, visit small safaris, and many other ways which will allow you to fully enjoy the natural world. If you rarely have the occasion to spend time in nature, then this is your opportunity to escape the city to relax and enjoy all the wonders that nature has to offer.

Lizzard, Galapagos Islands

  1. Lapland

Lapland is another one of the amazing honeymoon destinations that has the beauty of nature as its main theme. Here, you will be able to discover a completely different part of nature compared with that of the Galapagos islands. Having a colder climate, this destination is also nicknamed the last European wilderness. And it provides amazing views and novel experiences which will captivate your soul.

The huge sky of this location together with the wonderful starry nights form an incredible view that you will be able to enjoy every night. There are even glass-roofed cabins that you can use to have the most romantic nights possible. And during the day, you can visit the lakes and the mountains, to fully feel the beauty and wonders of nature. One of the biggest attractions of this location that you will surely want to try is the snuggle-up reindeer sleigh ride.

Lapland Sleigh Ride Honeymoon

  1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan remains one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations that you will be able to find. Although not as wild as the previews 2 destinations, Rajasthan provides plenty of novel experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. You can start by visiting the glowing pink city of Jaipur as your first exotic experience and enjoy the wonderful north Indian cuisine.

If you love lakes, then Udaipur will be the perfect location for you. Nicknamed the city of lakes, you will even be able to reach your hotel by boat, providing you a lot of opportunities to enjoy the lake. There are many other exotic activities that you can look forward to, such as tiger spotting and visits to majestic palaces. You also have the option to simply enjoy your honeymoon by relaxing and enjoying the wheatear.